NENAS - Playground Renovation

Over the span of 4 day and with help of Kalmar Construction who removed the organics and build the crushed aggregate base. We managed to drastically change the overall street side appearance, and usability of The NENAS building located on 101st Avenue.




Prior to excacation this playground was slightly overrun by weeds due to poor soil conditions.  Daily care, watering, and the use of chemicals or fertilizer was difficult due to to the fact that this areas is used constantly by children.  Making it difficult to scheduled the required maintenance needed for continued upkeep. 


Day 2 of Rosebrook's portion of the install  

Material has been cut and laid on a compacted bed of gravel.   Seams have been recently adhered into place.  Sand is being placed throughout areas for spreading.


Sand has been power swept into the synthetic fibers.  giving weight to the product and forcing the fibers to stand and look true.  This product is now ready for children and adults and will maintain its longevity for years to come.  NO more watering, Cutting, Chemicals, or serious maintenance required.